HMG 40th Anniversary

A History of Innovation

The Tri-Cities region in the 1970's faced many challenges. With a majority of the medical staff in the area preparing to retire, the hospital grew very concerned. There were many provider positions to fill, but recruiting to the area was nearly impossible. As the number of unhealthy people in the region continued to grow, the area was in great need of primary care physicians.

It was through this need that the HMG founders had a vision. At this time, Dr. Jerry Miller served as president of the medical staff at the hospital. He worked with John Dodson, the hospital administrator, to apply for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant. Dr. Miller, with the help of several founders, envisioned a family practice that was doctor-owned, that would nurture compassionate relationships with the goal of providing one-stop shopping.

In October of 1976, this vision became a reality. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation awarded $476,000 to HMG. On January 3, 1977, HMG saw it's first patient - the rest is history.

"We felt a family practice that was doctor-owned, doctor-driven and doctor-led - and that would nurture compassionate relationships with the goal of providing one-stop shopping - would be extremely successful."
Dr. Jerry Miller
Founder of HMG
"I remember telling the Foundation, 'we are going to make a success of this. Your only choice is if you want to join us."
Dr. Robert Geer
Founding Member of HMG
HMG Founders


HMG is founded in 1977

This nostalgic photo contains several of the original family physicians. Pictured at the top, left to right: James L. McCoy, MD, Robert C. Lee, MD and J. Bryston Winegar, MD. On the bottom: Jerry L. Miller, MD and Joel D. Gonce, MD.

Urgent Care


HMG becomes the region's first provider of After-Hours Care

Recognizing the need for care that occurs after regular office, in 1985, HMG became the first provider in the region to offer after-hours care to patients of the Tri-Cities. Today, HMG operates two dedicated HMG Urgent Care locations (Bristol & Kingsport).

HMG Founders


HMG becomes the region's first multi-specialty physician group

With a firm foundation of primary care physicians, HMG took the radical step in its decision to venture into areas of medical subspecialty. With the addition of orthopedic surgeon Steven Krein, MD, HMG became the region's first multi-specialty physician group.



HMG becomes the region's first fully-integrated user of EMR

Holston Medical Group invested $2.5 million, becoming the largest "beta site" with the most physicians using what is known today as "Touchworks Enterprise" by Allscripts. Today, HMG is known throughout the nation as a pioneer in EMR utilization.

HMG Clinical Research


HMG develops the Clinical Research Department

HMG Clinical Research has impacted many lives with over 800 phase II-IV pediatric and adult clinical trials.

HMG Pediatrics


HMG introduces pediatrics into the Group

With a full staff of pediatricians in both Kingsport & Bristol, HMG Pediatrics provides comprehensive pediatric care to the children of the Tri-Cities region.

HMG Hospital Team


HMG becomes the region's first provider to incorporate care of a hospital team

Holston Medical Group has received national recognition for its hospital team's efforts to improve patient safety during hospital stays.

HMG Rehabilitation


HMG introduces physical therapy & rehabilitation

HMG Rehabilitation Services provides physical therapy, industrial rehab, sports medicine, hand and upper extremity care and wound care management.

Sapling Grove


HMG introduces the Sapling Grove Professional Building, a "first-of-its-kind" facility

Known for its "one-stop-shopping" convenience, the Sapling Grove Professional Building was a forerunner in achieving two additional benchmarks: an outpatient diagnostic center and an outpatient surgery center.

First Outpatient Diagnostic


HMG opens the region's first free-standing diagnostic facility

With diagnostic capabilities that rival the nation's leading research medical centers, each of our state-licensed, ACR-accredited facilities boasts of fully-digital diagnostic imaging.

Integrated Health


Introduction of Disease Management and partnership with UT College of Pharmacy

With the UT College of Pharmacy expanding its enrollment (coinciding with a severe national shortage of pharmacists), the College partnered with HMG, providing residents clinical training in innovative, multi-disciplinary settings.

HMG General Surgery


HMG introduces a state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center at Sapling Grove

The Sapling Grove Surgery Center affords patients the convenience of outpatient surgery in a setting that combined state-of-the-art technology with an environment boasting of warmth and comfort.



HMG constructs the award-winning "MeadowView Lane Professional Center"

Holston Medical Group's MeadowView Lane Professional Center was awarded "Project of the Year" by the Tri-Cities branch of the Associated General Contractors of Tennessee.



HMG launches OnePartner

The OnePartner facility will accommodate the data needs of not only HMG's 212,000 patients, but countless other organizations in the Tri-Cities and surrounding regions

CT Scan


HMG is first in the region to offer 64-slice cardiac CT scanning

Designed for leading-edge and research-oriented institutions, the state-of-the-art computed tomography (CT) unit will provide the most-advanced multi-slice CT studies available.



HMG introduces myHMG, a secure online portal for HMG patients

With myHMG, patients were able to manage their health more conveniently than ever before. Tasks such as requesting appointments and viewing lab results were available online through myHMG.



HMG unveils Seasons, the region's first women's health "super group"

Seasons' services include progressive obstetric care, gynecologic & menopausal medicine, as well as cosmetic services. Seasons has locations in Bristol, Kingsport and Abingdon.



HMG introduces the region's first virtual colonoscopy

Virtual colonoscopy relies on advances in CT scanning to produce high quality, 3D images of the colon.

HMG Medical Plaza


HMG opens the new HMG Medical Plaza in Kingsport

HMG Medical Plaza is home to several HMG family practices and specialties.

OnePartner Data Center


OnePartner ATAC is the first commercial Tier III certified facility in the country

As the region's first commercial Tier III facility, OnePartner ATAC offers commercial data center services for colocation, hosting and disaster recovery services.

Outpatient Diagnostic Center


HMG Outpatient Diagnostic Center is the first ODC in the region to receive ACR accreditation in all modalities

ACR accreditation programs provide a high level of confidence for patients, referring physicians, and managed care organizations.

robotic surgery


Seasons for Women is the first in the region to offer robotic surgery

Thanks to breakthrough surgical technology, the renowned "da Vinci Surgery" is an effective, minimally-invasive alternative to both open surgery and traditional laparoscopy.

patient centered medical home


HMG celebrates "first in state" achievement with Level 3 PCMH recognition

The patient-centered home approach to care is an emerging national model that provides a coordinated team approach to patient care.

low-dose ct scan


First in the southeast to offer low-dose CT technology

Low-dose imaging technology gives an 80% lower dose of radiation, with up to 68% image improvement.

OnePartner HIE


OnePartner HIE begins exchanging data among providers

By participating in the HIE, providers will be able to share important health information with other healthcare professionals.

Dr. Fowler


Dr. Scott Fowler wins Business Journal's "Innovation Award"

Dr. Fowler was awarded the "innovation award" for his involvement in Holston Medical Group's electronic health records utilization and the development of a regional HIE.



Qualuable Medical Professionals is born

Qualuable Medical Professionals is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), promoting collaboration among healthcare providers of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

losing balance


HMG offers the latest technology in balance & fall prevention

OnePartner HIE


HMG offers the latest technology in concussion testing

HMG Extensivist Clinic


HMG introduces the Extensivist Clinic

With the Extensivist Clinic, HMG found a better way to manage patients with multiple cronic conditions.



Qualuable achieves national ranking in cost and quality

HIE logo


OnePartner onboards first national clients to the HIE

Since Holston Medical Group's founding in 1977, the HMG "Family of Care" has grown from a handful of family practitioners to a comprehensive, diversified group of nearly 150 primary care physicians, specialists and mid-level providers, with 24-hour medical/surgical coverage. HMG is one of the largest, most-respected, physician-led, multi-specialty groups in the southeastern United States.
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