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Introducing Patient-Centered Medical HomeWatch this Patient Centered Medical Home Video

A home is typically the root of the family, a place that provides safety and security for all members involved; a place where trust and relationships are built.

Thankfully, that’s exactly what you can expect from HMG’s Patient Centered Medical Home model of care. 

Patient-Centered Medical Home Videos

What does this mean to me?

For you, the patient, this means you can rest assured knowing you are receiving highly-coordinated care of the utmost quality. 

What is a "medical home"?

First, we encourage you to watch the excellent video clip that will further explain this concept.

As you learn in the clip, every aspect of your care centers around you and your relationship with your HMG primary care provider who serves as the "home" for all of your medical needs.

Within this model of care, your primary care provider is the "leader" of your multi-faceted healthcare team, coordinating all of your care and ensuring that you receive the very best, most comprehensive care available.

If your health requirements are such that you also need an array of different specialists, your medical home primary care provider will ensure that everyone is working together for your good.

Thanks to the integration of HMG’s comprehensive electronic medical records infrastructure, your provider is only a few clicks away from your entire health history and any accompanying reports from others who are also providing your care.   

Does it matter what type of insurance I have?

The good news is that HMG provides the patient-centered medical home model of care everyday to each and every patient. It is truly patient care as usual for us.

However, that being said, several insurance providers, namely Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee and Cigna are working to provide a more intensive patient-centered medical home approach to care for those with certain medical conditions (diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, COPD, asthma). If you are an HMG patient with one or more of the previous listed conditions and you receive insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee or Cigna, please contact HMG's Medical Home Nursing Staff at (423) 229-9009 to learn of the additional options available to you. 

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