Information Services
Human Resources
Business Offices
Colonial Heights
HMG Primary Care at Colonial Heights
HMG Comprehensive Care Clinic at Medical Plaza
HMG Pulmonology
HMG Medical Plaza
HMG Rehabilitation Services at Medical Plaza
HMG Urgent Care Center at Medical Plaza
HMG Occupational Medicine
HMG Pediatrics at Medical Plaza
Seasons at Kingsport
HMG Healthy U
HMG Laboratory
HMG Primary Care at Medical Plaza
HMG Clinical Research
HMG General Surgery at Medical Plaza
HMG Gastroenterology at Medical Plaza
HMG Ear, Nose & Throat at Medical Plaza
HMG Endocrinology at Medical Plaza
HMG Rheumatology at Medical Plaza
HMG Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
HMG Sleep Center
HMG Pediatric Gastroenterology
HMG Pediatric After Hours Clinic
HMG Orthopedics & Podiatry
HMG Sports Medicine at Medical Plaza
HMG Alternative Outreach Services
Holston Manor
Holston Manor
Indian Hills
Meadowview Lane Professional Center
HMG Outpatient Diagnostic Center at MeadowView
HMG Primary Care at MeadowView
HMG Pediatrics at MeadowView
Long Term Care
Hospital Team


HMG Duffield
HMG Primary Care at Duffield
HMG Rehabilitation Services at Duffield


Highlands Allergy & Asthma Center
HMG’s Highlands Allergy & Asthma Center
Sapling Grove Professional Building
HMG Outpatient Diagnostic Center at Sapling Grove
HMG General Surgery at Sapling Grove
HMG Urgent Care Center at Sapling Grove
HMG Family Medicine at Sapling Grove
HMG Primary Care & Pediatrics at Sapling Grove
HMG Gastroenterology at Sapling Grove
HMG Ear, Nose & Throat at Sapling Grove
HMG Endocrinology at Sapling Grove
HMG Clinical Research
HMG Sports Medicine at Sapling Grove
HMG Rehabilitation at Sapling Grove
HMG Rheumatology at Sapling Grove
Seasons at Bristol
Seasons at Bristol
The Greens, a division of Holston Medical Group
The Greens, a Division of Holston Medical Group

Church Hill

HMG Church Hill
HMG Primary Care at Church Hill


HMG Primary & Specialty Care at Abingdon
HMG Primary Care at Abingdon
HMG Dermatology
Seasons at Abingdon
Seasons at Abingdon

Weber City

HMG Weber City
HMG Primary Care at Weber City


HMG Mendota
HMG Primary Care at Mendota


C-Health of Honaker
C-Health of Honaker


C-Health of Lebanon
C-Health of Lebanon

St. Paul

C-Health of St. Paul
C-Health of St. Paul