Dean Barton joins HMG Occupational Medicine

Dean BartonHolston Medical Group welcomes Dean Barton, FNP, to HMG Occupational Medicine, 105 W. Stone Drive, Kingsport.

Barton received his bachelor of science in nursing from King University and his master’s of science in nursing from Lincoln Memorial University. In his spare time, Barton is involved in many community service projects and is a group ministry leader for Christ Fellowship Church.

Along with HMG Medical Director Dr. Samuel Breeding, HMG Occupational Medicine serves more than 500 regional employers, acting as an advocate for both the employer and the employee. HMG Occupational Medicine promotes a positive, proactive environment targeted at reducing work-related injuries and illness, education and training to encourage injury prevention, and increased productivity through reduced absenteeism.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dean Barton, please call 423-378-7685.