Karen Hathaway joins HMG Alternative Outreach Services

Karen HathawayHMG welcomes Karen Hathaway, ANP, to HMG Alternative Outreach Services, 105 W. Stone Drive, Kingsport.

Hathaway received both a bachelor of science and a master’s of science in nursing from East Tennessee State University, and brings with her years of experience in geriatric care, end of life care, and pharmacology.

Hathaway joins Dr. Robert Lee, serving as a primary care venue for geriatric patients while also giving attention to the unique needs of those within long term care homes. As patients age and develop chronic diseases and conditions that accompany the aging process, Holston Medical Group is committed to doing our best to provide the excellence of care that is needed to those within our region’s long term care facilities.

For more information on HMG Alternative Outreach Services, please call (423) 378-7645.