8 things you should know if you’re an HMG patient

As we continue to monitor COVID-19, we want to assure you that we are taking every precaution to reduce the risk of exposure for patients who require a visit with their HMG provider. We want you to know what your options are if you don’t want to come in for a visit, but need a consultation.

To help us in this effort, below are some details on initiatives we are employing to best care for everyone during this time:

  • 1. If You Have Symptoms

    • feverFever
    • coughCough
    • shortness of breathShortness of breath

    First and foremost, if you have a fever, cough or shortness of breath, we ask that you PLEASE CALL your HMG provider’s office before coming in. It’s possible you may require testing and we want to help you determine the next best steps for your care.

  • 2. Patient Screenings

    We are screening every patient at every office upon arrival to identify those who may require additional testing and then direct them accordingly. This is an effort to ensure we reduce the risk of exposure.

    masks requiredPatients and visitors are required to wear face masks at all HMG facilities.

    Again, if you have an appointment scheduled and you have symptoms OR someone in your household has been tested for COVID-19 OR you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, please CALL THE OFFICE before arriving for your visit.

    If you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you may also call your local hotline (TN/VA: 833-822-5523).

  • 3. Now Offering Telemed

    telemedicine mobileIf you would like to request a remote visit through our new telemed program, please call your HMG provider’s office for availability or send a request through myHMG.

  • 4. Limit on Guests for Visits

    no more than 1 personIf you do come in to any HMG office for an appointment, please know that we are limiting “guests” in our patient waiting and exam rooms to no more than 1 person per patient. For example, if you are a patient with an appointment, we will allow you to have only one person with you. For pediatric patients, this also applies.

    If you have an appointment at one of our Seasons for Women OBGYN office locations, please note that we are not currently allowing any additional guests in our waiting areas or exam rooms besides the patient. This is to reduce the risk of exposure to our pregnant patients. We appreciate your understanding during this time.

  • 5. Visit Schedules

    For all primary care offices, we are limiting “sick” visits to our afternoon hours so we can care for all “well visits” in the morning hours. We may be contacting you to reschedule your upcoming appointment to help us reduce the risk of exposure. This helps us keep our well patients well and to isolate “sick” visits to the later part of the day.

    If you have an emergent need, we encourage you to call our office first so we can assist while keeping you and your loved ones safe.

  • 6. Social Distancing

    chairs further apartOur waiting areas have been re-arranged to allow for social distancing. We want all of our patients to feel safe and secure in knowing that we are taking every precaution to keep you well.

  • 7. After Hours/Emergencies

    If you have emergent symptoms such as dizziness, shortness of breath, weakness and/or fever, please call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room.

    If you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you may also call your local hotline (TN/VA: 833-822-5523).

  • 8. Coronavirus Hotlines

    You may also call one of the following hotlines which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These resources can help screen you over the phone and direct you appropriately if your HMG provider is not available.

Thank you in advance for helping us ensure we reduce the risk of exposure and adhere to recommended guidelines. We care about our community and each and every patient, provider and staff member and we want you to know that we are here for you. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 877-HMG-1213 if you need us or if you have any questions. From our family to yours, stay well.

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