Executive Leadership

Craig Hewitt

Chief Financial Officer, HMG

Craig HewittCraig Hewitt is the chief financial officer at Holston Medical Group (HMG). In his role, Hewitt provides strategic and methodical oversight of HMG’s revenue and profit through financial planning, reporting and management of financial risks.

By providing a collaborative approach to HMG’s financial management, Hewitt brings positive leadership and results to the organization. Since joining HMG in 2015, he helped guide the organization from marginal profitability to a level equal to or greater than industry standards and continues to incrementally improve profitability. His wealth of experience and successful management tactics continue to support HMG’s community health initiatives and economic growth.

Prior to HMG, Hewitt successfully worked on multiple mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and domestic and international fundraising. Additionally, he helped bring multiple startups increase revenue to over $100 million.

Hewitt received his bachelor’s degree from California State University – Fullerton in Fullerton, California and his Master of Business Administration from Western Governors University in Salt Lake City, Utah. Additionally, he received his Master of Healthcare Administration from Trident University in Cypress, California, where he is currently pursuing his doctorate in healthcare administration. He is also a certified healthcare finance professional.