Family & Internal Medicine

As the starting point for all of your medical needs, time spent with your HMG primary provider is like coming “home.” In short, it’s where everything begins and where everything comes together—for your good.

With a heart to serve you and a desire for your best, your HMG primary care provider is the very center of your coordinated medical care. Welcome home.

Directing Your Care

With a patient-first attitude that considers serving you to be that of an honor, your HMG primary care provider directs the totality of your care—listening to your concerns, answering your questions, and bringing together just the right team of medical professionals to ensure that you receive the very best care available.

In today’s ever-changing healthcare climate, you need someone committed to helping you navigate the complexities of care. That “someone” is your HMG primary care provider.

Our Primary Care Heritage

With a preventive medicine focus, HMG’s team of primary care physicians, specialists and mid-level providers includes a highly-skilled selection of more than 80 primary care providers.

These family and internal medicine providers serve as the very foundation of Holston Medical Group. In fact, in 1977, it was a desire to meet the needs of a severely underserved patient population that launched the beginning of Holston Medical Group. Today, HMG is pleased to be one of the largest, most-respected primary care providers in the southeastern United States. Learn more about HMG’s history through our timeline.

Electronic Health Information

Few provider groups within the nation have an electronic health information system as fully-integrated and sophisticated as that of Holston Medical Group. Learn more about EMR.

Choosing an HMG Provider

To better serve you, we’ve created two ways for you to learn more about HMG providers. You may visit our find a doctor section of the website where you may view HMG providers according to areas of specialty. Or, if you would like to speak to a Customer Service Representative, please call 1-877-464-1213.

Convenience Laboratory & X-Ray

To better serve you, Holston Medical Group is pleased to offer in-house laboratory and x-ray capabilities at each of our primary care locations. For you, our patient, this added convenience is our way of saying that we want to make your care as expedient as possible. Learn more about HMG’s in-house laboratory & x-ray capabilities.

Leading-edge Diagnostics

HMG patients are afforded preferred-access to each of HMG’s Outpatient Diagnostic Centers (ODC)—the ODC at Sapling Grove, Bristol, and the ODC at MeadowView Lane, Kingsport. With diagnostic technology that rivals the nation’s leading research centers, HMG patients are afforded the sophistication of advanced diagnostics—close to home.

And, with HMG’s electronic health information system, your diagnostic results will become a part of your seamless electronic health record, instantly accessible to the primary care provider directing your care. Learn more about HMG’s excellence in diagnostic imaging.

When You Need a Specialist

From time to time, medical situations arise which require a more specialized level of care. With your HMG primary care provider directing your care, you have preferred-access to more than a dozen areas of medical specialty within Holston Medical Group, ranging from gastroenterology and geriatrics to orthopedics and general surgery.

Because your HMG primary care providing continues to direct your care—working jointly with your HMG specialist—you are ensured of highly-skilled, coordinated care that has your best interest at heart.

HMG Urgent Care

Illness and injuries are rarely convenient. HMG Urgent Care is here to provide you with a place to go where you can see a doctor without scheduling an appointment.

Available for acute health complaints and minor injuries, our team of HMG primary care providers are afforded the convenience of immediate access to your electronic medical record via HMG’s electronic health information system. Learn more about HMG Urgent Care.


One exceptional benefit afforded to you as an HMG patient is that of confidential and secure access to your personal health information—whenever you want it and need it!

With myHMG, our patient online service, you’re always just a click away from the personal health information you need to better manage your health. Learn more about myHMG.


In an effort to better serve you, we strive to provide same-day sick appointments. However, when those appointments are not available, we’re pleased to direct you to one of our HMG Urgent Care locations. Via HMG’s electronic health information system, your HMG primary care provider will have detailed notes of your visit with one of our urgent care providers, enabling your provider to have continued oversight of your care.

The Excellence of a Dedicated Hospital Team

As a regional leader, Holston Medical Group was the first to introduce the concept of 24-hour, inpatient care provided by a dedicated “hospital team.” With around-the-clock care at both Indian Path Regional Medical Center, Kingsport, and Holston Valley Medical Center, Kingsport, HMG patients enjoy immediate access to an HMG specialist whose expertise is that of caring for patients during times of hospitalization. Learn more about the excellence of HMG’s hospital team.

Hospital Privileges

Select HMG providers enjoy admitting privileges at:

Indian Path Medical Center, Kingsport, TN
Holston Valley Medical Center, Kingsport, TN
Bristol Regional Medical Center, Bristol, TN
Johnston Memorial Hospital, Abingdon, VA
Huntersville Medical Center, Huntersville, NC