Robotics surgery now offered by Seasons physician Dr. McQueary

Dr McQuearySeasons’ women’s health surgeon Dr. Jeffrey McQueary has become one of the first in the Tri-Cities to offer the new leading-edge, minimally-invasive “robotics” surgery, available at Wellmont’s Bristol Regional Medical Center, Tenn.

Thanks to breakthrough surgical technology, the renowned “da Vinci Surgery” is an effective, minimally-invasive alternative to both open surgery and traditional laparoscopy. McQueary, one of twelve accomplished Seasons’ surgeons, is utilizing the da Vinci surgical system option to offer a minimally-invasive option for complex surgical procedures.

“It’s really quite remarkable,” begins McQueary. “The robotic and computer technologies seamlessly mimic my hand movements, articulating in such a natural way that you are able to accomplish complex surgical procedures – with incredible precision – that would otherwise require an invasive, open surgery.”

Allowing greater mobility and better accuracy, the procedure is advanced with improved visualization via a high-definition, 3-D viewer with exceptional magnification.

“With only several small incisions and a procedure which provides better accuracy, the patient wins all the way around,” explains McQueary. “Our patients enjoy an improved outcome and decreased downtime, returning to their normal routine much more rapidly.”

It’s important to note that the da Vinci robotics system cannot be programmed or make decisions on its own. Rather the technology requires that every surgical maneuver be performed with guidance from the surgeon.

“The robotics system is a remarkable tool that improves both the outcome of the surgery and the experience of the patient,” says HMG President Scott R. Fowler, MD. “We’re very pleased that one of our own is leading the advancement of technology that will be utilized throughout Holston Medical Group by our team of excellent surgeons.”

Dr. McQueary and others are experiencing much success in a wide-range of gynecologic-specific procedures, including treatment for conditions such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, uterine prolapse, excessive menstrual bleeding and cancer.