“Dr Stout is phenomenal!!! My daughter loves her so much!! My kids have gone to Bristol Pediatrics since birth – now they are 17 & 14 & refuse to go anywhere else!!”


“We take our older boys and now newborn daughter to Dr. Hudson. We love that she is so attentive and takes extra time and attention with our kiddos. We are thankful to have found such a caring pediatrician and office staff.”


“I switched to Dr Hudson’s office and couldn’t be happier. She was very attentive to my daughter’s needs. She was great with calming her when she was scared of getting a shot. The whole office is wonderful. She’s a great doctor, and the staff is wonderful.”


“Dr Makres, 27 years ago you saved the life of our daughter, Nicole. Three weeks ago, she gave birth to our first grandchild. We have never forgotten the diligence and skill that you applied to her case. Eternally grateful.”

The Hills

“I just wanted to write and say how wonderful Dr Hommel is. Being a first time mom I have had several questions and she is always a call away. She is exactly what I hoped my sweet girls first doctor would be. I couldn’t or wouldn’t have ask for anything any different. Night, day or weekend if we need her she is there. I would recommend her and her care to anyone who asks.”

The Presley family

“We have been going to see DR. Makers and Nancy for about 15 years and I refer everyone I can. The professionalism, hours, accommodating hours, all staff, make it top notch. The hours we have spent with these people makes them feel like family.”

The Morrison family

“Thank you so much for everything ! Doc.You are just a great great guy and very generous ! We love the staff and are very grateful! Our Family think highly of everyone.”

The Crabtree’s

“I just want to say How we are so pleased with everyone !!!!! We love you Dr. Makres you are the BEST.”

The Dean family

“I would trust no other doctor with my son. I drive 1 and 1/2 hours to see Dr.Makers and I would not have it any other way. He has been there for us day and night and even on Sunday. I think he is a very dedicated and caring doctor.”

Bobbie Jo Sullivan

“My family has the utmost confidence in Dr. Makres and his staff. He has been our pediatrician since we moved to the area in 1995. He has always been available when needed, maintaining a schedule that helps working mothers and fathers fit in a needed visit on weekends. We are currently facing a bout of viral meningitis with our youngest son and the extra attention and care that he has shown to every member of our family has been exceptional. We are able to experience “peace of mind” during this most stressful time because of his and his staffs knowledge and professionalism. Thank you and God Bless.”

The Frye family

“My husband and I live an hour and a half to 2 hrs. away from Bristol Pediatrics and we chose to travel that far because of the dedication, knowledge, and care demonstrated by Dr. Makres and his staff. My son was born with some respiratory issues and being an RN myself I was so grateful to see Dr. Makres in charge of the situation so quickly; which really put my husband and I to ease. That was when we decided to stick with Dr. Makres! With our second child we found out that she had some kidney issues during my pregnancy. I trusted Dr. Makres to give me factual information and to give it to me straight so I set up a pre-natal consult with him to talk about her condition and what to expect when she was born. He answered all my questions and never charged us at all for the visit. He put us in contact with an excellent doctor in Knoxville that I’m not sure we would have encountered otherwise. He kept up with her progress throughout the pregnancy and was there at our request when she was born.”

The Ball family

“Our family is very grateful for Bristol Pediatrics. The care we receive is top quality and the staff is always very professional and knowledgeable. I love the fact they are open on Saturday and Sunday and have utilized these hours many times over the years. It is great to know our doctor cares about the well-being of our children and makes every effort to be available for us. I never expected a pediatrician to be on call 24 hours a day but Dr. Makres certainly is that exception. My child has had breathing issues during the night and Dr. Makres returned our call at 4 am. Thank you Bristol Pediatrics for going above the call of duty!”

The Newtons
Pyke, Andrea, Parker, Carter & Sidney

“We just wanted to take a moment to thank Dr. Makres for being such a wonderful doctor. When our baby was born 7 weeks early we were told to pick a pediatrician before the delivery. We had no clue about any of the doctors in the Bristol area, so we asked the nurses with us at the hospital. All of them recommended Dr. Makres. He was there when Brady was born and called to check on him several times when they transferred him to the Holston Valley NICU. Brady is now a healthy, happy 21 month old! At every appointment we have been impressed with Dr. Makres. He always takes the time to answer any questions we have and to make our baby feel at ease with the exam. We have called “after hours” a few times and Dr. Makres has always called us back, himself, with the answer to our questions. We are thankful to have a doctor that cares so much about his patients and their needs. Thank you, Dr. Makres, for a job well done and may God bless you and your family!”

The Scott Family