Providing care for children (including infants) and adults, HMG Audiology is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment utilized to identify problems throughout the auditory pathway. Following the identification of hearing loss, counseling is provided and recommendations are made for amplification and/or other appropriate listening devices. We’re pleased to provide the latest in hearing aid technology with custom-designed follow-up plans for each individual.

The following services are provided:

  • Hearing evaluations
  • Hearing aid evaluations
  • Hearing aid sales and service
  • assistive listening devices and hearing aid batteries
  • AABR/ASSR testing
  • OAE testing
  • Electrocochleography testing
  • Followups for hearing conservation programs
  • Swimplugs and noise protectors
  • BPPV treatment
  • Earwax removal

We invite you to learn more about audiologist Sharon Riddle, Au.D.

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