HMG founders

Several of HMG’s first family physicians. Pictured at the top, left to right: James L. McCoy, MD, Robert C. Lee, MD and J. Bryston Winegar, MD. On the bottom: Jerry L. Miller, MD and Joel D. Gonce, MD.

Created with a purpose to serve

In the 1970’s our region (Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia) struggled to meet the growing heath needs of our neighbors. Many of our family practitioners were close to retirement and few were stepping in to fill the gaps to provide quality care to the growing number of unhealthy people. There was a clear need for high-quality, affordable care and this area was facing a crisis.

The president of the hospital medical staff, Dr. Jerry Miller, was determined to meet the health needs of his neighbors and friends. With a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Dr. Miller recruited a small group of family medicine physicians. Together, they believed an independent, physician-owned and led practice would have the best chance of making a positive impact on the community. They believed providing quality care and building lasting relationship with each patient would help them achieve better health, and improve the quality of health in our region.

portrait of HMG founders

In January 1977, their vision became a reality. Holston Medical Group cared for our first patients and planted a seed which would quickly grow roots and thrive.

Growing together

What began as a handful of family practitioners with a mission to meet the underserved medical needs of the region, has expanded to over 73 locations with more than 200 providers and over 30 medical specialties.

Together, we continue the commitment to serve our patients and the community through high-quality, cost-effective care. We still believe that remaining an independent, physician-owned and led organization is what serves our patients best.

Listening to the needs of our community

Healthcare has seen many changes in the last decades, and HMG continues to provide for our region, by listening to the medical needs of the community and making necessary investments to help in those areas. For more than 45 years, HMG has maintained a sharp focus on delivering value to patients through strategic investments, which support the health and wellbeing of the region.

HMG is nationally recognized for patient-focused value-based care, and we lead the way to make patient care convenient and affordable through investments in high-quality, cost-effective services, including our Outpatient Diagnostic Centers, Surgery Centers, Endoscopy Center, Sleep Centers, and Dialysis Center, giving patients better care choices for their families.

Helping you be a smart healthcare consumer

Holston Medical Group understands the importance of providing high-quality care at an affordable price. Care can be expensive, and we are here to help you navigate your choices. With that in mind, we offer tools like a fully transparent “diagnostic price transparency” tool which can help you make better-informed healthcare decisions.

We also offer resources to the community that keep you out of a costly hospital setting. These include an online patient portal to track your health and communicate with your care team, convenient after-hours access with two urgent care locations, and more than 73 locations across 8 counties with expanded access to care close to home.

HMG physiciansHMG nursesHMG physicians

Your health partner for life

HMG continually recruits the best and brightest medical professionals and team members, all with an oath to put the patient first, above all else. This commitment aligns with all of us at HMG – from our board of directors and executive leadership to the front-line care team. We believe that our care extends beyond the walls of our offices and encourage our team members to give back to the community through our Mission into Motion program. Because that’s what it means to be your health partner for life.

We’re always looking for individuals who have a passion to serve others. Visit our career opportunities page!

Our focus on the future

You can count on our unrelenting focus on patient-centered care, more innovations that support the physician-patient relationship, continued partnership with the community to improve health through education and wellness, and continued growth that supports the needs of the region.

Over the years, we’ve embraced change, innovation, and growth. Yet our core values have never wavered. From the very beginning, we set out to be your health partner for life. Let us show you how a strong doctor-patient relationship can pave the way for you to achieve your best health.

Find a health partner near you today and schedule an appointment. Let us be your health partner for life.