To provide quality medical care that exceeds patient expectations and builds lasting relationships.


Engaging our patients and our communities to be the healthiest region in America.

Core Values

We, at Holston Medical Group, adopt these values as our essential guiding principles and the foundation for every decision we make.


We value human life in every stage from conception to death, treating everyone with dignity and respect.


We value honesty and fairness, behaving ethically and accepting responsibility for our actions.


We value true compassion and empathy in our response to both those we serve and with one another.


We value excellence and innovation in the delivery of healthcare of the highest quality, continually striving to improve all aspects of our performance.


We value collaboration and teamwork to positively impact not only the lives of our patients but our partners and the communities we serve.


We value holding ourselves, as well as those we work with, accountable for carrying out HMG’s Mission, Vision and Core Values as expressed through each of our roles and duties to perform.