A pioneer in the incorporation of a hospital team dedicated to 24-hour, around-the-clock, inpatient care, Holston Medical Group has received national recognition for its hospitalist team’s efforts to improve patient safety during hospital stays.

What is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a hospital-based physician who is responsible for coordinating all aspects of patient care during a hospital stay. As an HMG patient, if you are receiving care at either Indian Path Medical Center or Holston Valley Medical Center, you will have access to an HMG hospitalist who will be onsite and available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

For you our patient, this means you receive around-the-clock care that is coordinated by someone who is highly experienced in providing inpatient care.

Patient Advantages

In addition to receiving the experienced care of a team of physicians dedicated to the special needs of inpatient care, patients also receive numerous other advantages, such as access and timely response.


For you, the patient, in addition to receiving the experienced care of a team dedicated to the special medical needs of hospitalized patients, you also enjoy the advantage of accessibility. While a physician within a private practice is typically only available to talk with you during morning rounds, a hospitalist is always within the hospital and can be available to answer questions or concerns.

Timely Response

A hospitalist is also able to provide a more timely response in coordinating diagnostic and laboratory testing and consulting with other specialists. Without the patient care responsibilities of office practice, a hospitalist is always onsite within the hospital, readily available to coordinate all aspects of your care. Additionally, their inpatient experience means they are very familiar with the inner workings and dynamics of the hospital setting.

Coordinating Your Care

Often, hospital care requires consultation from several different specialty physicians. As the “captain” of your medical team during your inpatient stay, your HMG hospitalist is able to coordinate the care you receive from a team of specialists and your primary care provider.

You can rest assured that the care you are provided will be attentive, thorough, and highly coordinated.

The Qualifications of Your Hospitalist

Your HMG hospitalist is a board-certified physician with extensive training and experience focusing on inpatient care.

Because your hospitalist’s medical career focuses on caring for patients within the hospital setting, he or she has a great deal of experience in the unique aspects of a patient’s needs during a hospital stay (coordinating and ordering diagnostic tests, interpreting results, consulting with various specialists, etc.).