One of our core values within Holston Medical Group is that of valuing “human life in every stage, from conception to death, treating everyone with dignity and respect.”

As such, our pledge at HMG Alternative Outreach Services is to not only provide excellence in geriatric long-term care. With this commitment, HMG has been providing long-term care since 1982.

Long-term care serves as a primary care venue for geriatric patients while also giving attention to the unique needs of those within long-term care homes.

Aging Demographics

Long-term care is an area of medicine that is ever-growing due to changing population demographics. As patients age and develop chronic diseases and conditions that accompany the aging process, Holston Medical Group is committed to doing our best to provide the excellent care that is needed to those within our region’s long-term care facilities.

Advance Certification

As a part of our commitment to excellence in the provision of long-term care, several of our providers have gone through the educational certification process to become certified medical directors in long-term care, as designated by the American Medical Directors Association.

Contact Us

To learn whether an HMG provider provides care at your long-term care facility of choice, please talk with the nursing director of the facility: