Accidents and illnesses will happen unexpectedly. That’s just life. As long as your injury isn’t life-threatening, urgent care is the right choice for you.

At HMG Urgent Care, we have more doctors on staff than any other urgent care in the area. That means you’ll receive the best care possible, and you won’t have to wait as long as you would at the emergency room.

Why choose HMG Urgent Care?

Shorter wait

At HMG Urgent Care, you’ll quite often enjoy a much shorter wait than in a hospital emergency department. The reason is that hospital-based emergency care is designed for rapid response to life-threatening emergencies. As such, the priority of care must be given to those with the greatest need. If your need is not urgent and you choose the emergency room, you may be waiting much longer than you would as compared to HMG Urgent Care.

Lower cost

Because urgent care clinics have lower costs in comparison to hospital-based facilities, you’ll enjoy a more affordable medical bill when you receive care from an urgent care clinic like HMG Urgent Care.

On-site labs and x-ray

In order to diagnose many injuries and illnesses, a physician will often need to order a lab test or an x-ray. Because our facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art, onsite lab, we can obtain fast and accurate test results.

Larger team with more experience

While some urgent care clinics are staffed by a single provider, HMG Urgent Care gives you a comprehensive team of highly-experienced doctors and health professionals capable of better accommodating a range of patient concerns and greater patient volume.

Convenient hours & locations

Looking for an urgent care near you? We have two locations in Tennessee:

If you have an acute illness or injury on the weekend, we’re open on Saturday & Sunday with convenient hours in case you need us.