If you suffer from a sleep disorder, you’re not alone. More than 70 million people in the United States are affected by sleep problems and sleep disorders.

As a result, HMG provides a dedicated sleep center in Kingsport at Medical Plaza and in Bristol at Bristol West, committed to the diagnosis and treatment of more than 85 recognized sleep disorders. Fortunately, most disorders can be managed effectively once they have been correctly diagnosed.

The most common disorders are insomnia, snoring and sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movement syndrome, and gastroesophageal reflux. Many sleep disorders go unrecognized for years, leading to poor quality of life and even accidents.

  • Do You Have a Sleep Disorder?

    If you or someone you know snores regularly and has one or more of the following symptoms, it may be obstructive sleep apnea.

    • Snoring, interrupted by pauses in breathing
    • Gasping or choking during sleep
    • Restless sleep
    • Excessive sleepiness or fatigue during the day
    • Large neck size (greater than 17″ in men; greater than 16″ in women)
    • Crowded airway
    • Morning headache
    • Sexual dysfunction
    • Frequent urination at night
    • Poor judgment or concentration
    • Irritability
    • Memory loss
    • High blood pressure
    • Obesity
  • About Sleep Studies at HMG

    HMG Sleep Center provides a state-of-the-art monitoring room with four private bedrooms, attractive decor, and a private bathroom.

    Studies are performed seven days a week, monitored by a trained sleep lab technician, and read by a board certified sleep medicine physician.

    Sleeping securely in a private room in their own pajamas, patients are carefully monitored throughout their study with special medical equipment and video cameras. A sleep technician is always close by to answer questions or provide assistance. Testing results are promptly made available to a patient’s referring physician.

  • Accommodations

    Decorated in warm, soothing colors, the atmosphere is comparable to what you might expect to find at any of the nation’s leading hotel chains. Each room, designed for optimal sleep, boasts of a queen-size pillow-top bed with several pillows per bed and a private bath.

  • Special Scheduling

    One defining characteristic of HMG Sleep Center is the ability to accommodate those who work third shift. In an effort to achieve the most accurate sleep study results, the center tries to mimic the patient’s normal routine as much as possible. If a patient normally sleeps during the daytime hours, then the study should be performed during the daytime.

    Please let us know if you have special scheduling considerations. We would be happy to accommodate your needs.

  • At Home Sleep Studies

    For many patients who may suffer from undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the “At Home Sleep Studies”; offered through HMG Sleep Center may be a great option in making a diagnosis.

    Within an “At Home Sleep Study,” the patient visits HMG Sleep Center, picks up a special sleep study unit and reviews the instructions with a team member. Following, the patient uses the unit overnight and then returns it to the center the next morning.

    After downloading the data and having the report reviewed by a board certified sleep medicine physician, a preliminary diagnosis will be made. Abnormal study results will then be referred for a full, in-house sleep study at HMG Sleep Center.