The right treatment for chronic sinusitis is like a new lease on life. Because sinus infections can result from a combination of many conditions, exams always start with a medical history and physical exam.

Additional tests may be necessary to get to the root cause of your sinus blockage. Every patient is unique. So, your diagnosis is personalized based on your symptoms, health and history.

Here are some of the tests that you may need:

  • Medical History: Allergies have a tendency to run in families, so there will be questions about relatives who have allergies. Previous injuries and childhood breathing problems can play a role in sinus issues. Jot down what you know and can remember about your breathing problems to help the doctor pinpoint the cause.
  • Physical Exam: Your ENT physician looks for visible blockage in your nose, throat and sinuses.
  • Imaging: X-rays are helpful to identify whether adenoid tissue enlargement, polyps or allergies cause your stuffy nose.
  • Blood Tests: Your blood may be tested for the presence of antibodies that combat certain suspected allergens. This can help determine the severity of your allergy.
  • Allergy Tests: A skin test may be used to identify your allergy triggers. During this test, your skin is lightly scratched with different allergens while you are monitored for skin reactions. The scratch test is the most common. Your doctor will discuss other types of skin test s if required for your diagnosis.

Diagnosis and treatment is similar for children and adults. If relentless allergy symptoms are tormenting you or your children, schedule an appointment with an HMG allergist.