EMR Excellence

Excellence in Electronic Health Information

Few provider groups within the nation have an electronic health information system as fully-integrated and sophisticated as that of Holston Medical Group. As a pioneer in EMR utilization, Holston Medical Group has been the recipient of national recognition and regional awards for its extensive electronic health utilization.

For you, our patient, HMG’s progressive use of EMR means that, with just a few keystrokes and a click or two of the mouse, your HMG provider or specialist has immediacy of access to your electronic health record – ensuring that you receive timely, comprehensive, and highly-coordinated care.

Whether reviewing the notes within your electronic health record (from a visit with a specialist, urgent care provider, or ancillary service within HMG), checking your medication regimen, or reviewing the results of diagnostic tests or lab results, your HMG primary care provider is integral in making sure you receive the comprehensive, coordinated care you deserve.