Briana Buck, AuD

HMG Since

August 2020



East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN


Illinois State University, Normal, IL

About Briana Buck, Au.D

Briana’s interest in the field of audiology began at a young age. One of her close childhood friends that she grew up with was deaf in both ears. “When I was young, I did not know anything about hearing aids,” says Briana. “I was interested in learning more about the device and how it affected her ability to hear.” In high school and college, Briana took an American sign language class so that she could better communicate with the Deaf.

Briana’s number one goal for patients is to make sure that they have access to the correct resources, which will enable them to have a better quality of hearing. “Individuals that are hard of hearing can sometimes face depression, withdrawal from loved ones, or feel isolated,” says Briana. “I want to support any emotional needs that arise in patients with a hearing loss, this will allow them to feel confident in themselves and their communication with others.”

Briana obtained her Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Illinois State University (Normal, Ill.) and her Doctor of Audiology at East Tennessee State University (Johnson City, Tenn.).

Briana has recently moved to the Tri-Cities area and will be living in Kingsport, Tenn. She was recently married in March. Her husband, Cameron, is a Kingsport native working for Kingsport City Schools as a middle school math teacher. In their free time, Briana and her husband enjoy walking on the Green Belt with their dog. She is also an avid reader.