If you have a medical question or concern, please call your pediatrician’s office and ask to speak with the telephone “triage” nurse. Our triage nurses are specially trained to answer a variety of medical questions from advice regarding over-the-counter medication to head lice and night terrors. After reviewing your child’s complete health history via our electronic health records system, and often after consulting with your child’s pediatrician, the triage nurse will offer medical advice and instruction specific to the needs of your child.

To facilitate your call, please be prepared with the following information:

  • Child’s age, weight and date of birth
  • A listing of medications your child is currently taking.
  • Pharmacy telephone number.

If the nurse is currently serving another patient, we will take a message and have the triage nurse return your call as soon as possible. When expecting a return call from our office, please do not screen telephone calls with the use of Caller ID as our telephone number will not appear on your telephone display. Also, please make sure the Caller ID private number blocking on your telephone is not activated.