Christopher Basham, MD

Christopher Basham, MD

Primary Care Physician

Since January 2023

Specializing in:

Christopher Basham, MD

Christopher Basham, MD


Doctorate of Medicine

University of Virginia School of Medicine

Charlottesville, VA


East Tennessee State University

Johnson City, TN


University of Virginia

Wise, VA


  • American Academy of Family Practice


I have seen Dr. Basham for over 20 years and I have honestly never ever known a more caring and compassionate physician as him! He has the utmost respect for his patients very excellent bedside manners and would move mountains for you if he could! He gets right on top of things to find out what’s going on and doesn’t beat around the bush about anything! If anyone should get this award, it is definitely him! He is definitely one in a million!!! He has really helped me tremendously over the years!!! I also witnessed him breaking very bad news to a patient that I took care of, in a very well, caring and compassionate way that was easier to accept! I’ve never seen a doctor to do that, most of them breaks bad news very rudely and blunt, I could never ever see him being like this!