Paul Provance, MD

Paul Provance, MD

Primary Care Physician

Since December 2019

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Paul Provance, MD

Paul Provance, MD

About Dr. Provance

Paul Provance, MD is an internal medicine physician at Holston Medical Group Primary Care, Weber City, VA. Provance has 15 years of experience in adult and geriatric healthcare. He combines conventional and integrative medical care to achieve optimal health for each patient. “My desire is to build relationships with patients so that I can be more effective at understanding what optimal health means to the individual. Then, I partner with them in developing a comprehensive approach to achieving their goals.”

Medical care includes general wellness, disease prevention, and managing multiple and complex conditions. Provance says that chronic health problems can lead to patients taking multiple supplements and being prescribed many medications, which can be difficult to manage consistently. “Taking time to reconcile each patient’s medication/supplement list with current health conditions to improve understanding, eliminate duplications, and simplify through combinations or omissions is an effective way to both improve health outcomes and reduce the financial burden to both the patient and society as a whole.”

Dr. Provance is board-certified in Internal Medicine, with special areas of interest in health conditions affecting the nervous system. He has extensive experience in providing care to those who have ALS, Multiple Sclerosis and spinal cord injuries.

Dr. Provance resides in Kingsport with his wife and children. He enjoys family activities, golf, hiking and training for obstacle course races. He and his family are active in church and children’s programs.


Doctorate of Medicine

Wright State University School of Medicine

Dayton, OH


Cumberland College

Williamsburg, KY


  • Internal Medicine Board Certified
  • Medical Executive Board Member (James H. Quillen VAMC)
  • Documentation and Standards Committee – Chairman (James H. Quillen VAMC)
  • Disruptive Behavior Committee – Primary Care Representative (Mountain Home VAMC)

Special Interests

  • Health conditions affecting the nervous system


Dr. Provance is always nice, cares for his patients, and goes the extra mile to help them.