To fully understand HMG and all of its patient offerings, we invite you to explore the extensive information provided throughout this website. For those serious about an HMG career, we believe you’ll find the information in this section to be of particular interest.


Following the successful two-year completion of an employment agreement, HMG physicians are given the opportunity to become partners (shareholder), sharing equally in the Group’s profitability.

Clinical Research

From day one of employment, you have the opportunity to participate in clinical research, providing exception clinical experience and additional income opportunities.


As a fiscally-sound organization, Holston Medical Group physician shareholders are pleased to own two outpatient diagnostic centers, a rehabilitation center and a productive reference laboratory. Additionally, HMG physician shareholders enjoy real estate holdings.

Comprehensive benefit package

In addition to a compensation package, HMG providers enjoy a comprehensive benefit package that includes: malpractice insurance, family health and dental insurance, life insurance and disability insurance.

Physician-owned & physician-directed

Physicians within HMG enjoy serving within an physician-owned and physician-directed practice that seeks to protect the interests of the physician.

Sophisticated EMR

Providers within HMG enjoy the sophistication of a powerful electronic medical records infrastructure that serves as a springboard for highly-coordinated patient care and the ability to participate in clinical research.

Community Health Information Exchange

As an HMG Provider, you will have access to the OnePartner Health Information Exchange Community Record, allowing you to see patient information at the point of care, regardless of place of service. This means you will have patient records right at your fingertips, inside your existing workflow, making your practice much more efficient.

All major regional hospitals participate in the HIE, as well as many other healthcare organizations in the area, saving you time and improving patient quality through instant access to patient records.

Transparency & Collaboration

Providers within Holston Medical Group appreciate a culture that values transparency. With an annual HMG “Weekend Provider Retreat” as well as monthly board meetings, HMG welcomes open, collaborative discussion around business and clinical decisions. Physician-to-Physician collaboration is encouraged and creates an environment which supports patient-centric innovation.