What is densitometry?

Densitometry is an excellent way to accurately measure the density of your bones and provide information about the composition of your bones. Your doctor may repeat your bone density test over time in order to track your rate of bone loss.

What is the value of densitometry?

Osteoporosis is often difficult to detect since the early stages often have no symptoms. Yet, early detection of the disease can lead to effective treatment. If you are at risk, your physician may recommend that you undergo bone densitometry.

What can I expect during the exam?

Examinations are very easy. In fact, they are comfortable and safe. You will spend only a matter of mintues fully-clothed on the densitometer. The radiation exposure is quite low, less than the dosage you would receive during a normal chest x-ray.

How do I prepare for the exam?

There is no special preparation for a densitometry test.

What happens after the exam?

Your test results will be sent to your primary care physician or your referring physician. He or she will use the results to determine if medication to prevent or treat osteoporosis is advisable for you.