Dr. Morin selected to serve on two national clinical research committees

Dr MorinHolston Medical Group’s Dr. David Morin, MD, RPh, FACP, CPI, director of clinical research, has been selected to serve on two national clinical research committees.

Morin, who was recently recognized by the Academy of Physicians in Clinical Research (APCR) for exceptional leadership, receiving the 2012 “Outstanding Physician Leadership in the Profession Award” at the APCR Global Conference & Exhibition in Houston, Texas, has been invited to serve a two-year, volunteer appointment as a member of its awards & recognition committee.

Within his new role, Morin will now have an opportunity to recognize outstanding excellence in the field of research as a committee member through a “blind process” of evaluation, and awards will be given at this year’s global conference in Orlando, Florida, in April.

Additionally, Morin has also been appointed, as one of five physician investigators, from around the world to the Global Certified Physician Investigator (CPI) Exam Committee for a three-year term. This prestigious panel determines the board questions that properly reflect the research process for certification as a physician investigator.

Morin took the CPI board exam in 2007, which was just shortly after it was developed. Ironically, the physician who signed his certificate is the same person who asked Morin to replace him on the elite committee.

“I am quite honored to represent and promote the goals of this very professional institution,” said Morin. “This appointment helps us [HMG] stay connected to global trends in research so that our site and our research facilities remain firmly grounded in the FDA and international rules, which protect the safety of our patients and the validity of the information we provide. Our HMG site is recognized as a leader and a model for other sites in how to best conduct clinical research trials.”

With nearly 100 active clinical trials at any one time, Holston Medical Group is one of the largest research facilities in the nation, outside of an academic institution or a major hospital group.

With a background in both pharmacy and internal medicine, Morin realized his passion through clinical research. He has served as a leader in the field since 1989 and continues to be recognized for his advancements. Morin first came to HMG in 2008, and the research department has grown significantly since he became director in 2009.