HMG is the first to install new low dose imaging technology


low doseHMG is pleased to announce it is the first in the Southeast region to offer the industry’s leading new, low dose computed tomography (CT) system by Philips.

“Ingenuity 128 CT, with 128 slices of information, has the latest low dose model based iterative reconstruction system and is currently the most advanced technique in the industry,” explained Philips Healthcare CT Business Manager Mark Ramige. “HMG is the first health system to install this technology in Tennessee and the first in the 6 state region.”

Installations are currently taking place at HMG’s outpatient diagnostic locations.

“At HMG, we are improving image quality, but at the same time, we are reducing the amount of radiation exposure. It’s up to an 80 percent lower dose of radiation with up to 68 percent image improvement, which is huge,” said HMG’s Samantha Sizemore, director of diagnostics. “At HMG, we adhere to ALARA, which means ‘As Low As Reasonably Achievable’ in radiation levels.”

CT scans play a vital role as a diagnostic tool for adults, and they are also extremely helpful with diagnosing illnesses in children. In pediatrics, physicians and radiologists are especially sensitive to radiation levels, and the new Philips CT system installations at the HMG ODCs have the lowest dose CT in the market. Monitoring radiation levels is important during all life stages, and it is important to obtain the absolute lowest dose for the most optimum results. This is also critical in geriatric patients.