Our outpatient surgery centers have a team of surgeons, nurses and other medical providers that focus on your well-being. They work together to create the best experience for you and your family.

  • What You Can Expect

    • Convenient and easy check-in to keep you on schedule
    • Patient-friendly environment with comfortable rooms
    • Experienced anesthesiologists to keep you comfortable and control any pain during and after your procedure
    • Skilled surgeons and staff with expertise in minimally invasive surgery and procedures
    • Private area for pre-operative preparation and recovery care
    • Staff to keep your family updated on your progress
  • Family & Friend Accommodations

    Your driver must remain at the center during your procedure. However, we recognize that some surgeries as well as some patients require a longer recovery. Below are helpful instructions for your family or friend while waiting on you.

  • Number of Family Visitors

    • Seating is limited in the waiting area. Please try to limit the people in your group to one or two people. We discourage bringing small children because they are not permitted to visit patients.
    • One visitor is allowed in recovery area with an adult patient
    • Two visitors are allowed in recovery areas with pediatric patients
  • Where to Get Food

    Bring snacks if surgery is expected to span time for meals. If you are waiting on an adult, there are restaurants nearby to get food. You may not leave the waiting area if you are with a child unless another adult is with you.

  • Internet Access

    We offer guest access to Internet if you wish to access via phone or tablet.

  • What to Bring

    • Book, magazine, puzzles, crosswords, iPad or something else that you enjoy is helpful while you are waiting.
    • Everyone is comfortable in different temperatures, so bring a jacket if you typically get cold.
    • Because surgery affects people differently, the patient may be hot, cold, etc. You can help keep the patient comfortable on the way home. Have a thin blanket and water in the car for the trip home.