HMG Expands Physical Therapy Services to Johnson City, Tennessee

Dr. Meade and Dr. Glover

Holston Medical Group (HMG) announces the opening of HMG Rehabilitation in Johnson City, Tennessee. Located within HMG Primary Care office at 3019 Peoples Street, Suite 300, Johnson City, TN 37604, this new team will collaborate with primary and specialty care teams in designing and executing progressive treatment plans more convenient and timelier for the patient.

Working closely with HMG providers including primary care providers, orthopedics and podiatry, the rehabilitation team will support a wide range of physical therapy, sports medicine and wound care management services in as little as 48 hours. HMG Rehabilitation will also be the only office in Johnson City providing blood flow restriction therapy (BFRT) conducted by a certified BFRT physical therapist. The service involves reducing blood flow in order to help build strength, increase muscle size and minimize recovery time. Unlike many rehabilitation facilities, HMG approaches care in a one-on-one setting to create a trusted environment for personalized treatment and healing.

“The growth Johnson City has experienced over the last few years has led to many residents encountering longer wait times or group classes for rehabilitation care. With our team now available in Johnson City, we’re eager to bridge the gap in care and be a new, convenient resource that works with patient schedules and serves their everyday health needs,” said Dr. Alan Meade, PT, DScPT, MPH. “We’re proud to grow alongside the community and provide them with more options to receive a wide-range of individualized, full-time services and keep them winning at the game of life.”

Leading HMG Rehabilitation in Johnson City and providing compassionate, individualized care includes notable community healthcare providers Dr. Alan Meade, PT, DScDPT, MPH, and Dr. Allen Glover, PT, DPT, C-PS. Dr. Meade has been with HMG since 1997 and has since spearheaded the launch of four new HMG rehabilitation locations in northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia. Dr. Glover joined HMG in 2017, previously caring for HMG patients in the Kingsport area and is closely collaborating with Dr. Meade on the services provided in Johnson City. Both have a strong connection to the Tri-Cities and a life-long passion for getting patients back to their best.

“After growing up in the Tri-Cities and interning for HMG as an ETSU grad student, I developed a strong connection to this community and joining HMG’s rehabilitation team became a dream job of mine,” said Dr. Glover. “It’s been a pleasure working with HMG’s Johnson City rehab team, who understand the value of getting patients in quickly and giving them our undivided attention every time they come through our door. Whether it’s an athlete, bodybuilder, recreational hiker or your average Joe, I’m looking forward to partnering with my patients to get them back to doing the things they love.”

HMG Rehabilitation at Johnson City is now accepting new patients. For more information about our Johnson City location and full service offerings, visit our website or call our office at 423-461-2130.