The Urology Clinic Welcomes Chandra Grubb, NP

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HMG welcomes nurse practitioner Chandra Grubb, NP, to HMG’s The Urology Clinic at 2340 Knob Creek Rd. Ste. 720, Johnson City.

Grubb was inspired to pursue a career in nursing after witnessing the compassionate care her daughter received when she was hospitalized. Grubb desired to help others the same way her daughter was helped, so she enrolled in nursing school. After completing nursing school and working as a nurse for several years, she decided to further her education and become a Nurse Practitioner.

Grubb has over ten years of bedside nursing experience in a hospital setting. “My experience caring for patients in the hospital setting has allowed me to work with patients with many acute issues,” said Grubb. “I’m excited to transition to an office setting where I can follow my patients’ progress and work with them on their wellness journey.”

Grubb knows the importance of a skilled nurse from her personal experiences. “I always care for my patients like they are my family members,” said Grubb. “I remember how well nurses cared for my daughter, and I strive to provide that same level of care for all my patients.”

Grubb received her Master of Science in Nursing Degree and Bachelor of Science in Nursing from King University, Tenn.

Grubb is a Bristol native with two children and several pets. She enjoys attending her children’s sporting events and learning new recipes and crafts from social media.

For more information on The Urology Clinic or how to become an HMG patient, call 423-926-6122.