Outpatient Surgery Has Major Benefits

Today’s improvements in medical technology and anesthesia give you more choices for routine surgeries. That’s why more people choose outpatient surgery instead of hospitals. It is cost-effective, safe, and convenient.

Outpatient surgery has some major benefits. HMG’s Outpatient Surgery Centers provide expert care for same-day surgeries. Then, you return to the comfort of your home to begin your recovery as quickly as possible.

Outpatient Surgery Benefits

Because we have fewer patients at any one time, we focus on your individual needs. You receive personalized care from the moment you walk in our door. Our expert care follows you home, so expect a call to make sure your recovery is going well. Our goal is to make your procedure as easy as possible for you. Our surgery centers provide many benefits for people in our communities.

  • Lower Cost

    Outpatient surgery costs less than staying overnight in a hospital. You aren’t paying for a hospital room or other expenses linked to a hospital stay.

  • Convenience

    Our surgery centers are conveniently located with easy access. Because we serve a few patients at a time, check-in is easy.

  • Scheduling

    Because same-day surgeries are routine, planning and staying on schedule is easier than hospital surgery. Surgery for most patients begins within 60 minutes of arrival.

  • Reduced Exposure

    Because we focus on surgery, we do not treat medical patients with infections. Your exposure to infections and disease is much less in a surgery center than in a hospital.

  • Reduced Stress

    Our patient-friendly environment and staff help ease fears that often are linked to hospitals. In addition, many people prefer not to be away from home for a variety of reasons. So, outpatient surgery followed by recovery at home lowers stress for these patients.

Preparing for outpatient surgeryThe checklist covers typical guidelines before outpatient surgery to ensure you’re prepared.


doctor and patient
Making You ComfortableThe staff at our outpatient surgery centers work together to create the best experience for you and your family.


surgeon holding scalpel
Reducing Outpatient Surgery DelaysTo avoid a delay in your surgery here are four ways you can lower the chance of a cancellation.


  • Commitment to Safety

    HMG’s outpatient surgery centers help us streamline our services to give you the best care. It also helps us maximize patient safety. Our surgery centers have typical safety procedures that you find in medical facilities. In addition, we raise the bar on patient safety by requiring special certifications at HMG’s surgery centers.

    • Each patient is thoroughly assessed to ensure that he/she is a good candidate for outpatient surgery.
    • Our surgery centers are staffed with a physician or anesthesiologist until the last patient is discharged each day.
    • HMG centers have the same safety equipment that hospitals have, including code carts.
    • HMG surgery center nurses are required to complete certification in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).
  • Candidates for Outpatient Surgery

    Surgery Centers are a safe and affordable option for many people. Your doctor recommends inpatient vs. outpatient surgery based on your overall health. Plus, some surgeries require a hospital stay. Below are some general guidelines. But, your surgeon and/or anesthesiologist are the only ones who can verify if you are a candidate for outpatient surgery.

    • You are in overall good health
    • Procedure is minimally invasive
    • Do not have multiple medical problems (heart, respiratory, etc.)
    • Do not have malignant hyperthermia or a family history of malignant hyperthermia
  • Type of Surgeries

    HMG is committed to providing the best health care at an affordable cost for our communities. A variety of procedures is available at our surgery centers for adults and children. In addition, we are partnering with local surgeons to expand the types of procedures we offer patients. Some of the surgeries and procedures currently available are:

    • Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)
    • Gastrointestinal (GI)
    • General surgery
    • Gynecology
    • Orthopedic
    • Pain management
    • Podiatry
    • Spine
    • Urogynecology
    • Urology
  • Things to Know Before Outpatient Surgery

    We start preparing for your surgery well in advance to ensure that everything goes smoothly. You need to prepare before surgery day, too. We will help and are just a phone call away to answer any questions. We also call to remind you of arrival time and review pre-op instructions.

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