Dr. Bestermann featured on USA Today for “Fight Against Obesity.”

Dr BestermannThe Wednesday, October 7, 2009, USA Today “Life” section headline article, “Doctors join fight against obesity” features the success of HMG physician William J. Bestermann, MD, and his utilization of HMG-recommended protocols for fighting obesity and achieving improved health in patients who battle chronic disease.

Dr. Bestermann serves as the medical director for HMG’s Integrated Health Management, a highly-collaborative, multi-disciplinary model of care designed for those who are either at risk for or who have been diagnosed with a chronic disease state (such as high cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure.)

The USA Today article, written by Nanci Hellmich, details the success of Debra Horne, 52, of Dungannon, Va. Arriving at Dr. Bestermann’s office as a “walking time bomb,” the 5-foot-9, 298 pound Horne had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high triglycerides. She suffered from depression and limited mobility—getting around with the aid of a motorized scooter.

According to the article, Horne, upon the guidance of Dr. William Bestermann, implemented the heart-healthy approaches detailed in The South Beach Diet and “dropped to 149 pounds over time and shrank from a size 28 to a size 8.” Today, instead of 16 prescription pills a day, she takes only 6. She ditched the scooter and is now able to walk 2 miles a day.

Horne says Dr. Bestermann “gave her the knowledge and confidence to succeed.” In the article, she states, “I owe him everything. I feel like I have been reborn.”

According to HMG Founder & President Jerry L. Miller, MD, Dr. Bestermann’s work is indicative of the success HMG is achieving through its health-improvement targeted initiatives within HMG Integrated Health and HMG Healthy U.

“Because we realize the real necessity of intensive treatment of chronic disease states such as diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia, Holston Medical Group has spent an enormous amount of time and resources in the creation of highly-collaborative initiatives that are designed to give patients the type of thorough treatment that Dr. Bestermann modeled in his interaction with Ms. Horne,” says Miller. “HMG initiatives such as Lose it 4Good for Adults and Lose it 4Good for Kids & Teens, as well as a host of others, is achieving incredible results in children and adults alike, and transforming lives.”

Whereas HMG’s Integrated Health Management is most often a “rescue” for those who are in the midst of a chronic health battle, HMG’s Healthy U, a comprehensive offering of health and wellness initiatives, has more of a “preventative” focus. Yet, both are designed to give patients the intensive guidance needed to make health improvements that will add “years” and “quality” to their lives.

While patients may be referred by their primary care provider to both HMG Integrated Health and HMG Healthy U, both services are also available without physician referral.

The upcoming November 2009 issue of the national publication, Medical Economics, is slated to feature an in-depth look at the composition of the HMG Integrated Health Management team that continues to serve as a national model for integrated health management.