HMG announces new president: Dr. Scott Fowler

Dr FowlerThe HMG Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection of longtime HMG health provider, Scott Fowler, MD, as the Group’s new president, effective Tuesday, June 1, 2010.

“I am most pleased that one of our very own, Dr. Scott Fowler, will be leading Holston Medical Group,” says HMG Founder Jerry L. Miller, MD. “I have the utmost confidence in his capabilities as a leader, a physician and a man of integrity. His compassionate concern for patients combined with his energetic entrepreneurial spirit will serve Holston Medical Group well in the days, months and years ahead.”

Dr. Fowler, a board certified physician and a regional leader who also currently serves as chairman of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Wellmont’s Holston Valley Medical Center, is unique in his education and experience in that he possesses both a doctorate of medicine degree (MD – Medical College of Georgia, Augusta) and a juris doctorate degree in law (JD – University of Georgia, Athens). Prior, Dr. Fowler received his undergraduate degree in philosophy and politics from Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana.

Serving HMG most recently as “Chair of HMG Legal Affairs,” Dr. Fowler is an active member of the Georgia and Tennessee Bar. Most recently, he was sworn in as corporate counsel for Holston Medical Group before the Supreme Court of Virginia.

“Throughout his tenure at HMG and most recently as a member of our executive team, Dr. Fowler has used his multi-faceted experience as both a physician and as expert legal counsel to the greater benefit of Holston Medical Group,” says HMG Chairman of the Board Mary Pat Francisco, MD. “Most impressive is that, as a compassionate and dedicated physician respected by his patients and colleagues, Dr. Fowler also possesses the strong business and finance capabilities to lead an organization as complex as Holston Medical Group.”

Following a carefully-planned succession strategy implemented in 2006, which included both an internal as well as extensive external search, Dr. Fowler, was elected to serve as HMG president in December 2009 by the HMG Board of Directors.

“I am humbled by the honor of serving our patients and our community as president of Holston Medical Group. There is no higher calling than service and no better time for being part of leadership than during times of change,” says Dr. Fowler. “I look forward to working with the community, employers, regional hospital leadership and like-minded providers in maximizing healthcare in our region.”

Dr. Fowler, who has much regard for the leadership and legacy of HMG Founder Jerry L. Miller, MD, acknowledges that that he looks forward to building upon the solid heritage of Holston Medical Group.

“It is quite an honor to follow a man who is regarded as an incredible visionary, a man whose vision for excellence in healthcare has positioned Holston Medical Group as one of the strongest multi-specialty providers in the nation,” says Dr. Fowler.

Regarding his life’s order of priorities as “God, family and then Holston Medical Group” during a recent address to the HMG Board of Directors, Dr. Miller acknowledged he is looking forward to serving as “consultant to the president.”

“I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Fowler’s abilities and look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Fowler,” says Dr. Miller. “However, my greatest area of focus will be that of investing in the life of my dear wife, Emma Lee, and our eleven wonderful grandchildren.”

Dr. Fowler, who began with HMG in 2005 upon the merger of his successful private practice, Blue Ridge Obstetrics & Gynecology, initially re-located to the Kingsport area in 2000. It was after an extensive search of the United States, looking for one of the “best places in America to raise a family” that he and his wife, along with their children, made the move from Louisiana to Kingsport, Tennessee.