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Mission into Motion Inspires Volunteering in Tri-Cities

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Many years before she became a Senior Practice Manager for Holston Medical Group, Tory Lorimer was a volunteer.

interview with Tory LorimerInterview: Tory Lorimer

She started at age six as a Trash Buster at Fun Fest in Kingsport. Her job was picking up trash during the festival; for her, it was a way to give back to a community project that brought her so much fun.

Tory has helped at Fun Fest ever since.

“We are the Volunteer State,” says the native Tennessean. “I feel like we should spend a lot of time giving back. There are many people out there who need the time we can give.”

Tory also feels lucky that she found an employer who values volunteering as much as she does. HMG promotes volunteering through its Mission into Motion program, which supported 75 non-profit groups throughout the Tri-Cities area in 2023. Through Mission into Motion, HMG staff devote money and service hours every year to help the community.

“At Holston Medical Group, we spend a lot of time looking for ways we can give back,” Tory says. “Working for an organization that encourages volunteerism means a lot to me.”

The Mission Behind Mission into Motion

HMG was founded as an independent, physician-owned and led practice. The goal was always to build relationships with a servant’s heart. So, the organization started Mission into Motion to support more than just healthcare needs. To be a true community leader, HMG encourages team members to show devotion and commitment within their communities.

Since 2020, HMG employees have dedicated more than 15,000 service hours, and the healthcare group has donated more than $400,000 to area causes.

There are many people out there who need the time we can give. Working for an organization that encourages volunteerism means a lot to me.

Tory Lorimer

Led by HMG’s marketing team, the Mission into Motion program mobilizes HMG team members to meet community needs and extend care beyond the walls of HMG’s offices.

“In my work with Fun Fest, there have been times when I’ve requested HMG volunteers,” Tory says. “I’m thankful that our Mission into Motion program provides an opportunity for team members who may want to get involved, but don’t know where to start.”

Encouraging Service

Tory says it’s “very humbling” to be able to give back to the community. She is one of 12 HMG employees to be honored for logging more than 100 service hours in a single year!

HMG provides other incentives to team members who give their time, too. There are many ways that employees can participate in the program. For example, patients who come to one of HMG’s offices on a Friday might see providers wearing jeans as part of the Denim Days initiative.

Twice each month, team members who donate $5 to a specific area charity are allowed to wear denim to work and HMG matches 100% of the proceeds. Through this initiative alone, HMG has donated nearly $20,000 to local charities in 2023.

Mission into Motion also supports the programs that team members choose. Each staff member is encouraged to find an organization that fits their time and abilities.

“We have a great team here. There are a lot of people willing to volunteer,” Tory says. “They can choose their own project, too. If they want to coach Little League or work at a church, they’re allowed to pick whatever they want to do. They log their hours and turn it into Marketing for our Mission into Motion program.”

In 2023, more than 75 local organizations have benefited from time dedicated by HMG staff, including:

‘Our HMG Family Is Wide and Far’

Though Tory’s home office is in Kingsport, she enjoys volunteering across the region.

“We don’t just look for events here in Kingsport to give back. We do things like holiday parades, work with regional food banks, participate in health fairs, pack clothes for kids, and more,” Tory says. “We get to meet other HMG staff from other offices, which is nice. It’s an easy way to build camaraderie with people from other cities within HMG. It’s a great feeling to know our HMG family is wide and far.”

After decades of volunteering at Fun Fest, Tory has been named the chair of the 2024 event. If you and your family are looking for a chance to help out, reach out to Fun Fest on its website to learn more about how to join the volunteer crew.

“We have so many people who are passionate about giving back and truly have that servant’s heart,” Tory says.

Learn more about local organizations sponsored by HMG’s Mission into Motion program:

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    Denim Day Fundraiser

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    Christmas Parade

  • Christmas 2023

    Roosevelt Elementary CandyLand

Our Mission into Motion program is a way for us to encourage and thank our team members for their dedication and commitment to volunteer within the communities we serve.

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